The Trailer for Netflix's New Horror-Thriller Is So, So, *So* Terrifying

It stars 13 Reasons Why‘s Dylan Minnette.

By: Laura Beck

Welp, goodbye to sleep! It was nice knowing you, but now I'm so on edge that I'm about to throw up.

This horrifying first look at Open House, a Netflix thriller starring Piercy Dalton and Dylan Minnette (of 13 Reasons Why) as a mother and her teen son who move into a relative's vacation home. Sounds pretty fun and normal! JK JK, it's a horror show that gets uglier and uglier when ~spooky~ things start happening in the home after a series of open houses. Ahhhh!

I had to look away several times during the trailer because I was too freaked out, and now let's never speak of this again.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan US