Um, Did the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ gals just hint at a PLL movie?!


By: Natasha Harding

It's been just two weeks since Pretty Little Liars season 7B hit screens and we're already dreading the season finale.

Why? 'Cause despite the fact we'll finally find out who Uber A is, it's the last time the OG Rosewood squad weill be all together, which has us like:

Welp, we have some good news for y'all.

It seems the gals feel the EXACT SAME WAY about the squad's journey coming to an end, with Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario and Sasha Pieterse dropping hints in a recent interview about a PLL movie and holy effing shit YAS.

When asked about the season finale, Sasha told told The Hollywood Reporter, "Rosewood goes on, there’s always more to say."

"Sex and the City had two movies, so you never say never, right?" Shay added, and we LOVE that kinda logic, gurl.

"It would absolutely be nice to see the PLLs again in five years, but I'll be catching up with them sooner than that,” she added.

Sounding good so far, non?

Troian is also totally here for the prospect of a reunion saying, "We joke around about it being like SATC, ‘Let’s just put the PLLs in Dubai and see what happens!’ But, how would you bring them back together?” she told THR.

Good question. Answer: It turns out season 7B's finale leaves the door 100% open for a revival, as Troian says we "get to imagine these girls going on and living these amazing lives while staying friends with each other."

“Once this mystery is done, it all depends on what the story would be. Would it just be about what they’re doing in life and if that were the case, some time would have to pass and it would be very different.”

"We love working together and I think any opportunity to be together we would take, but it very much depends on the circumstances of the story," she continued.

"How terrible would that be if we waited 10 years and we came out with a movie and people were like, ‘Uh that was it?’ We want to end on a high note.”

Us too gal, us too. The news comes a month after Ian Harding also reveals he's also down for a revival.

More news as we have it.