Queer Eye's Fab Five are in Canberra RN and we have some ideas about who could be getting a makeover

Holy guacamole: the Fab Five have landed in Australia, can you believe?! But, what are they up to..?

By: Lorna Gray

YAS HONEY, we are positively salivating over here (probably because we've got a phantom taste of guacamole and tequila in our mouths. Weird). The Fab Five aka Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Bobby Berk and Karamo Brown are in Australia.

They're in Canberra, to be exact, and we're pretty sure this is the most exciting thing to come to Canberra since the titwhale.

But why oh why are they in our fine capital city, we hear you ask? (We mean, apart from obviously promoting Queer Eye Season Two which is coming to Netflix on June 15 – SQUEAL!)

This calls for some v. important detective work — cough, wild speculation — over who could be receiving the impeccable makeover services of the Fab Five…

1. Barnaby Joyce

If there's anyone who needs a total PR overhaul right now, it's the ex-Deputy PM. Oh, Lordy. But, word of warning Karamo, you've got your work cut out for you. Our Barnaby is crying out for the culture master — Can you please tell him not to interrupt his gf when she's trying to talk? K thanks.

In other news, Bobby could totes spruik up the nursery/put that second home allowance to good use.

2. Nick Kyrgios

Let's be fair, the tennis ace is another one who could do with some Karamo love.

But we really want to see Jonathan get his groom on. Kyrgios has had that whole 'short on the sides' lewk going on for aaaaages. Can you imagine him turning up to Wimbledon with brand spanking new hair? We want him SERVING some Jonathan realness. Geddit?

3. Malcolm Turnbull

We mean, why not aim for the top? Malc is all 'blue tie', 'red tie', 'blue and red tie'. Tan needs to get on in there and help him be his most confident self. How about mixing it up with those ties — be playful with your fashion, Malcolm. You've got the tools, Tan is just showing you how to use them.

Being PM means he's just so damn busy, running the country and such. Food on-the-go can seem like the easy option. That's why he needs Antoni to show him how to whip up a variation of guacamole so he can wow Lucy and friends.

Netflix, if you're reading, you should seriously make the above makeovers happen. Just sayin'.