There will be 2 new characters in ‘Riverdale’ season 3 and they're here to fuck sh*t up

Betty, Jughead — y’all okay?

By: Erin Cook


YO JUGHEAD, you better hold on to your Southside Serpents jacket, because two new characters are coming to Riverdale season three, and they're here to fck shit up.

Two weeks ago, we caught wind that Riverdale had been confirmed for another season, via Deadline.

While there haven't been too many official spoilers just yet, there are a few rumours swirling. One nugget of information, in particular, caught our attention: two new characters will be thrown into the works in season three.

The two new additions will be Evelyn Evernever and Edgar Evernever.

Evelyn is set to fit in right away and befriend the ever-welcoming Betty. According to That Hashtag Show, producers are casting for the role as we speak:

If plot rumours are true, Evelyn is revealed to be Archie's kidnapper when he mysteriously goes missing. In the comics, Evelyn was Archie's first kiss — so what will this mean for Veronica and Archie's relationship?! She could also have some sort of connection to Betty that will come to light as the season goes on. (Let's be real — who doesn't have a weird, tenuous connection to Betty?)

Edgar, on the other hand, is going to be Riverdale's new-age health guru, with Alice Cooper as his first patient. That Hashtag Show released the following character breakdown:

For everything we know about Riverdale season three, including the release date and more plot rumours, see here.

Strap yourselves in Riverdale fans — it's going to be a wild ride.