18 Ron Weasley facial expressions for every occasion

Never change, Ron.

Turns out Ron Weasley's not only one of Harry Potter's Golden Trio and a valiant member of Gryffindor house, but has a facial expression for practically every occasion, too.

1. When you see your food coming in a restaurant

2. When you step on something gross in the sea

3. When a family member you haven't seen in a while greets you

4. When you can't tell what's gone off in your fridge

5. When the shot burns the back of your throat

6. When your mate says they're not going out out

7. When your friend says she saw your ex in the club

8.  When your friend proceeds to talk to your ex

9. When you first saw the photos of Orlando Bloom's peen

10. When someone eats your food without asking

11. When the sex toy you bought online arrives

12. When you think someone's waving at you. But they're not

13. When your mum gives you a present and you have to pretend you like it

14. When you agree to a double date and instantly regret it

15. When your sister wears your top without asking

16. When you accidentally like a photo from 43 weeks ago during an Insta-stalk

17. When your mum shouts at your sibling and you catch eye contact with them

18. When the alcohol hits you on the dancefloor

Never change Ron Weasley, never change.

Source: Cosmo UK

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