Teddy has revealed the truth about Tayla and Grant’s (not so) shock split

“It has affected me a fair bit.”

By: Kate Wagner

Social media was (kinda) aghast last week when Tayla and Grant announced they'd parted ways just two weeks after winning Love Island, especially when Grant said he had no idea until he saw it on social media.


Now Teddy — the poor lad who cried after people said mean things about his teeth… jerks — has taken to Instagram to give his two cents on the whole affair.

He captioned the video: "My thoughts on Grant and Tayla's breakup, I've been getting asked a lot about Grant and Tayla since I was so close to both of them in the villa. I just needed to clear the air and say my piece. I still have so much love for both of them respectively and this whole situation is breaking my heart."

In the video he insisted Tayla and Grant were the real deal.

"Their relationship was real, it was not at all fake," the 24-year-old said. "There are a lot of things going around about Grant and Tayla at the moment, and I was very close to both of them in the villa."

^ That's true. Remember when he helped Grant with the surprise proposal "will you be my girlfriend" thing and Tayla told him he had awful fashion taste and that's why girls didn't like him? Best friends.

"I'm getting asked a lot of questions about them and it has affected me a fair bit," he added. "A lot of people have been saying that their relationship was fake — there is no way they could fake the way they would look at each other, the things they would say… you just couldn't fake it."

To be honest, we're with Teddy. It didn't seem fake, just very short lived.