'The Bachelor Australia’ 2018: Meet the new intruders

This isn't going to go down well with the girls...

By: Joshua Joynes

After HRH Vanessa Sunshine tragically departed the Bachelor mansion last week, we've had a solar-sized gap in our hearts, and turns out so has the Bachelor, Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins, because intruders are coming.


Based on the super speedy promo that aired last Thursday, we can tell that there are definitely three new girls landing on Planet Honey Badger.

First up there's Jamie-Lee Dayz from Sydney. A quick glance of her Facebook reveals she's a venue/bar manager working around Bondi. Her account is also full of posts dedicated to marriage Equality, animal rights and Justin Bieber which is a refreshing discovery, given the problematic messes that can come from a Facebook raid.

Both her Instagram and Twitter accounts are set to private, but we spy a rose emoji in her bio, which will likely be set back to public one she arrives on the show. Her Twitter has a public link to her rather risqué Tumblr account which is littered with steamy soft-porn pics. Meh, what else is Tumblr for?

Check out more of Jamie-Lee:

Her Facebook is dedicated to Equality.
Here's hoping The Honey Badger is ready to get a little raw?
Girl looks like she's up for a good time!
Will Jamie-Lee win the Honey Badger's heart?

Followed by Jamie-Lee will be Deanna Salvemini from Adelaide. As it stands she's successfully managed to keep a tight grip on her social media accounts, but has joined in on the rose emoji clue on her very private Instagram account. It's reported that Deanna is an elite swimmer who works as a dental nurse in Adelaide, here's hoping her sporty side get's sparks flaring with the big HB himself.

Check out more of Deanna Salvemini:

Coming in hot; newcomer Deanna.
Deanna might need another holiday after she's done in the Bachie masion...

Last up, there's Brittney Maree Weldon. Yep you better believe it, there's another Brittney going into the mansion and she could very well be a top contender for Mr Badger. Her Instagram is littered with some seriously outdoorsy content and girl is definitely fond of a farm, so she could be the perfect match.

Jamie-Lee, Deanna and Brittney will of course make their arrival on the show in a vintage convertible car... schmick!

Who is the ~mystery~ third woman?

No doubt resident trouble maker Cat is going to have a lot to say about the newcomers.