28 things we all miss about the ‘00s

Take us back to the naughty noughties

By: Mel Evans

  1. Let’s kick this off with the Motorola Razr: the epitome of '00s girl K00L.
    Why are we kicking off with the mighty Moto? Well, apparently it's coming back! That's right, Motorola have been teasing a possible Razr return and its parent company, Lenovo, is set to unveil the new-look phone on June 9.

What a thing of beauty...


What else do we miss about the glory days of the '00s? Let's take a walk down memory lane...

2. MSN Messenger.
What merriment in signing in straight after school and putting in a solid six hours of chatting with your crush before being kicked off by the 'rents? Ah, memories


  1. Bebo/Myspace quizzes.**

Not just exclusive to these sites, but they were the best, the most nosy and the easiest to customise and add a little ~sparkle~. And we all secretly filled them out with our crush in mind.

4. Ring watches.
Why wear a watch on your wrist like all the conformists, when you can slip one on the finger and tell the time away, digit-style?

via eBay

5. The awkward stage we all went through, yet teens these days seem to be immune to...

Why'd we have to go and make things so complicated?

6. Impulse body spray.

~Bonus~ if it came in a showbag.

~Bonus~ if it was SPICE GIRLS IMPULSE!!!111!!11

7. Having a wardrobe completely made up of Supre.

How many hot pink totes and sassy slogan tees did YOU have?


8. Blow up furniture.


Squeaky AF, but worth it for the cred...

9. Gel pens.

...that no one could borrow.

10. iPod minis.

LOL @ only being able to hold 1000 songs. You crack me up, '00s...

11. Marionette bird puppet...thing.

Remember these things of fun you'd get in the showbag (seriously, how good were showbags?!) and they'd last for a whole two minutes before getting tangled and then live under your bed until you left home? Classic.


  1. Those two straps of hair you'd plaster to your face with the precision of a surgeon.**

13. Glitter hair spray.

Used to plaster down the two straps of hair, of course.


  1. Using the word 'sick'.**
    To describe things such as the showbag you just got, and the two straps of hair plastered to your face.

15. Mix CDs.

Not sure what to get your friend for her birthday? Make her a mix CD! Know what to get your friend for her birthday? I bet you it was a mix CD!

16. Lip Smackers.

Bonus if they had that funky-as jewel on the lid.

17. Anything Groovy Chick.

18. Beanie babies.

Side note: did you know these things are selling for a fortune these days?

Now who's laughing that I kept them in a storage box for years, mum?!

19. Drawing the Stussy ‘s’ everywhere.

Many an hour was wasted in classrooms all over Australia when this little symbol implanted itself in our minds.

20. iZone polaroid cameras.

Not even iPhones can print photos as fast as these babies. Modern technology: keep up, would ya?

21. Body glitter. compliment the glitter hair

Sidenote: how many times did you accidentally use this as roll on deoderant? No? Just me?

22. When Superstars were simply known as ‘shell shoes’.

23. On the note of shoes, Sketchers. AND the Britney Spears ads...


24*. Newlyweds* Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson #NeverForget.

It gave us one of the best lines in TV history...

25. The Simple Life – the first flock of reality TV.

Le sigh, the old Nicole. We remember. Paris hasn't changed...


  1. Bacardi Breezers and Smirnoff Double Blacks** (and how badass you felt when you first started drinking them)

27. On that note, high school parties

Pre-Snapchat when people didn’t spend the whole night with their heads in their phones.

Sidenote: remember when taking a digital camera to the club was everything so you could upload an album to facebook the next day? Insta-WHAT?!

28. And last but not least: Ja Rule

Is he still living it up?

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