This is when we'll find out who killed Jason Blossom on 'Riverdale'


Between 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale, we’ve been on a hardcore Netflix binge for so long that we probs couldn’t even tell you what day it is.

Actual footage of us RN ^

So if you, like us, are also addicted to the hit new drama based on the [OG comic Archie]killed quarterback Jason Blossom.

Well good news, fans; executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has revealed that viewers will be finding out NEXT FREAKIN' WEEK when the finale drops on May 5, and apparently the episode is "really full on".

"The entire town is reeling," he said, which "comes full circle back to Sweetwater River... Ultimately there's a huge twist that sets up the second season." And by the end of the finale, "one of our main character's life hangs in the balance."

OK, now we're nervous.

Side note: the ep airs in the US the night before it lands on Netflix here in Aus, so if you wanna avoid #spoilers it’s probs best to AVOID THE INTERNET AT ALL COSTS.

So who exactly could this ~mysterious~ killer be?!

Many fans have pointed the finger at Jason's sister Cheryl as the main suspect, as she was acting suss AF the last time we saw her.

We know Veronica already called her out for her super-creepy twincest vibes towards her deceased bro, but whether or not she’s crazy enough to actually murder him, we’ll soon find out.

Meanwhile, in other Riverdale news, it’s sadly been revealed that Ross Butler, who not only plays Reggie in the series but also starred in ’13 Reasons Why’ will not be appearing in season two due to scheduling conflicts.

"We love what Ross did with the role of Reggie [this season], but because of his commitments to other projects, we couldn’t use him nearly as much as we would have liked,” he confessed.

"[Next season], we want more Reggie on our show — he’s Archie’s rival! — and because Ross is unavailable to come back to Riverdale, we’re looking for a new Reggie. Those are big shoes to fill, but we’re confident we can find an actor who is as funny and sexy as Ross. And of course we all wish Ross the best."