Venus in Libra is the boost your love life needs

'Tis the season to be flirty.

By: Jake Register

Now that your weekly horoscopes are out of the way, let's chat astrology!

This morning — at 9:27 AM AEST, August 7 — Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, enters Libra! In astrological terms, Venus is in its rulership in Libra, meaning that it is most strongly expressed in that sign. It spends three or four weeks in a sign, and based on the sign it's moving through, the way you experience relationships, feel about beauty and pleasure, and deal with money can change.


Libra is romantic, artistic, and charming in its most positive manifestations. But the darker side of Libra can exhibit superficiality, flakiness, indecisiveness, and codependency. You're compelled to work with others and form stronger partnerships during this phase, you want to have more fun with the people closest to you, and it's a time where any type of relationship can flourish and grow!

Venus stays in its favorite sign until September 9, but on Halloween, it retrogrades from Scorpio back into Libra for a brief moment. The signs that will benefit from Venus in Libra the most are Taurus (which is ruled by Venus) and fellow air signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius!

Libra is air sign, meaning it's more emotionally detached, social, intellectual, and possesses more poise than any other sign! Your manners and social cues will be in tip-top shape, and it's easier than ever to flirt and mingle with others. However, in indecisive Libra, it's also easy to have two or three paramours "in rotation" as you're unable to make a choice on who to commit to! Even if you don't have love interests galore, you might be a secret one to someone else!

Libra also represents balance, and your relationships will reflect the energy you're receiving from others. If you're short on friends, it's easy to feel lonely if you aren't getting enough attention. If you're surrounded by healthy relationships, they can strengthen and grow better than ever during this period.

Venus rules finances as well, and in shopaholic, fashion-loving Libra, you'll be inspired to pull out your credit cards. Venus has been in grounded Virgo for a few weeks, and you've been focused on being practical with your money. In Libra, however, that changes—avoid the temptation to overspend on clothes or makeup! If you're on a budget, make sure you check your bank account often!

When Venus was in Virgo, you approached your relationships from a practical standpoint, focusing on making sure they were in perfect condition. The sign of Virgo is symbolic of a perfectionist—it's never satisfied, and is always working working working on making sure every tiny detail is just right.

Right before Venus slides into Libra, it experiences awkward energy with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck. The perfectionist energy you've been manifesting in your relationships may not lead to the growth that you've wanted in your love life or social circles, and your expectations are revealed to be too unrealistic or ambitious to be accomplished. Luckily, the brief disappointment ends when Venus enters Libra, and you view your relationships from an idealistic, romantic, and compassionate angle!

The vibes of Venus in Libra are a welcome change to the chaotic astrological atmosphere you've had all year! Take it easy, lean back, let yourself relax and try to have a good time! Flirt, go on dates, super-like that cutie on Tinder and you might just find yourself having a blast with someone new.

Let yourself feel romantic, get that makeover you've been thinking about lately, and spend as much time as you can with your friends and loved ones. This energy lasts for a month, so make the most of it! It's a pleasant way to end the summer over in the States, and we barely survived winter solstice. Have fun!

Via: Cosmopolitan US