Watch: The first minute of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B hints at Uber A’s real identity

We did NOT see this coming.

By: Natasha Harding

**Warning: ~SpOiLeRs AhEaD~**

When Pretty Little Liars announced they were dividing the last season into two parts, our hearts/lives were left in absolute tatters.

Since then we’ve played the trailer ON REPEAT and re-watched season 7A (‘cause we want to make sure it’s fresh in our minds, natch), in preparation for the launch of season 7B.

Now we’re exactly three weeks out from the season 7B release on April 18 and the network has just gone and released the whole first minute of the new season (scroll down to watch) and holy effing shit we have ZERO chill.

Heads up, if you really don’t want spoilers but couldn’t tap out before, you might want to RN.

Here it goes:

Season 7B opens with Spencer solo dolo in the back of an ambo after being shot during the Noel/Jenna encounter (looks like Mary Drake haul-assed out of there) and she’s not looking good. When she gets wheeled into the hospital the rest of the girls are there and they’re trying to put together the pieces of who AD really is.

"So it was Noel the whole time? Noel and Jenna?" Ali asks. "We know they were connected to Charlotte and Rollins," says Aria. But, "connected doesn't mean a motive!" Hanna points out.

Aria gets ahead of herself and implies that it might all be over, “Guys, if Noel was AD and Noel is dead, that means-“, before Emily cuts her off with, “don’t say that out loud.”

Then, outta NOWHERE, Toby ‘was-in-a-car-crash-last-time-we-saw-him’ gets wheeled into the ER (so he’s probs not dead, right?), only fiancé Yvonne is missing. ~gasp~.

But wait, there’s more. The cast sat down together for a panel discussion at PaleyFest2017 to talk about the show’s final season. The result? A helluva lot of spoilers.

Sasha Pieterse (Alison) says she got the hardest line in the new season:

“I got the hardest line, but I can’t tell you what it is,” Sasha said. “It took me 15 takes to get it right because I was crying.” “It’s the last scene where all the Pretty Little Liars are together.”

A Haleb sex scene actually happens:

“I do feel like Haleb was meant to be,” Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) said. “Spaleb was fun to dabble with; Haleb is where it’s at. That was a really good scene.” Um, soz Troian.

“It was not romantic,” Ashley Benson (Hanna) recalled — but they did their best. “We had a whole playlist playing. [Tyler] picked out the songs,” she said. “It’s awkward to do a sex scene in front of a whole crew of people and have no clothes on. So we had a fan to keep us cool, and we just had our iPhone playing, and we just sweat by the fire…”

Ali comes to terms with her sexuality:

“Alison really hasn’t dealt with her sexuality,” Marlene said. “These ten episodes are really about Alison trying to figure out what her sexuality is. Emily plays a big part of that.”

The cast had mixed feelings about Uber A’s identity:

“We were all crying,” Janel Parrish (Mona) told EW. “Most of us were just, mouth agape,” Andrea Parker (Mary Drake) said.

Tyler was reportedly “stoked,” while Shay Mitchell (Emily) was “blown away. Ian, however, was not here for it. “I read it and I was like, I don’t buy this,” he told EW.

Marlene King set the record straight about the A’s:

“It felt like it had to be Uber A [in the final season],” the showrunner said. “Mona’s original A. Charlotte is Big A, and A.D. is Uber A.”

The final ep is a two hour long ‘love letter to fans’, apparently:

“It feels like a movie. It was written as if it was a movie. I hope you guys are satisfied with this huge twist.” “It’s every single question we could remember,” Joseph Dougherty (writer) said. “And to set the relationships in the place where they’re going to go on after the show ends.”

“Nobody’s going to get there super easily,” Marlene said. “There’s going to be some bends on the road we have to live through to live happily ever after.”

As for a revival? It’s totally on the table, apparently:

Ian Harding (Ezra) told EW he thinks a revival “would be great.” “There are a lot of loose strings which will be tied up — but leaving enough to allow for future things.” His vision? Kinky. “We come back and then the show moves [to], like, Netflix, so we do it up: Suddenly there’s, like, swearing and full-blown nudity. It’s the show that everybody wanted but couldn’t have. That’s what I want. I want there to be bloody murder all over the place. Like Pretty Little Liars meets Saw.” Um, okay then Ian…

King, however, has a fancier idea. “A big, expensive, fancy movie that we shoot in Paris,” she said, and Shay agrees, “If [A is] chasing us around Europe, I’d be okay with that.”

Can April 18 just hurry up and get here already?!