The ‘Younger’ Season 5 trailer just dropped and Liza is literally kissing everyone

And Kelsey is keeping her fingers in a few pies too.

There has been a large Younger-sized hole in our lives ever since we binged watched the fourth season and were left on the crummy cliff-hanger of Josh getting hitched in Ireland.

After admitting to Liza that he's always been in love with her, but that he needed to drive a wedge between them, Josh married Claire — right in front of his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, while Liza is watching the ceremony, her phone (which is locked away from her) rings with a call from Charles. Which only means one thing…


We've waited patiently for any hints or spoilers for the next season of the show, but now that the season five trailer has dropped, we know so much more!

This is what we've learned from the trailer — which you can watch in full at the top of this post:

We honestly can't wait for this season to kick start!