Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are apparently donezo

The couple have split after two years of dating...

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are another celebrity couple who have bitten the dust.

In a year of celebrity breakups (Jennifer and Justin + Selena and the other Justin + Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan + Zayn and Gigi) your heart is going to have to cop one more blow with news that Ari and Mac have called it quits too.

A surprising romantic combo since 2016, multiple media outlets are now reporting on the couple's relationship demise, with TMZ crediting busy "work schedules" as the reason for the split.

As per TMZ: "Our sources say the ex-couple love each other dearly and that will continue to be the case but, again ... just as close friends."

To quote Trump... SAD.

The artists, who have in the past collaborated on songs My Way and My Favorite Part, we're seen cosying up to each other as recently as last month at Coachella (or the festival's scientific name: Beychella), but it seems even that loved-up festival time spent together wasn't enough to compensate for the challenges of long distance.

Ariana, who went stag to the Met Gala on Monday (May 7), didn't comment about rumours of the split to reporters there, so thus far neither she nor Mac have confirmed it's 100 per cent over (so maybe there's still hope?!).

All we can say now is 2018 better not frickin' come for John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen otherwise we will cancel love for good.