Ariana Grande has a song on her new album called 'Pete Davidson' and the lyrics are a bit of a let down

Honestly, we’re disappointed.

By: Katie Stow

Ariana Grande is known for her banger tracks, epic ballads and bubble-gum pop style, so it comes as no surprise that her hotly-anticipated album Sweetener is jam-packed with top tunes.

However, fans were on the edge of their seats to see whether this album would address the rather rushed and supremely unexpected engagement between Ariana and her now-fiancé Pete Davidson. So when the track list dropped and there was one song on there literally called "Pete Davidson", Arianators lost their shit.

Expecting this to be one of the most goddamn romantic songs to ever reach our ear holes, fans jumped to listen to the track the second it was released.

However, as romantic as it gets is this one line: "You're my soulmate and all that". And all that?! What a half-arse, lack-lustre approach to a love song. Also, the song is literally a minute long and rapidly fades off into and awkward silence. She couldn't even muster a full-length love-fest?!

Here are the lyrics in full for you:

Just in case you think we're being a little too harsh, you should probably know that "Pete Davidson" isn't even the real Pete Davidson's favourite song on the album! On a video posted by Ariana, Pete runs through his top five songs from Sweetener and his top pick isn't his track but instead it's "God is a Woman", which, to be fair, is a banger. Find out where he ranked his song by watching the video below:

Ariana revealed on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that she penned the song just a week after they started "chilling", so perhaps justification is that she wasn't fully deep with her mushy feelings at this point.

BUT STILL. We feel like if we had a superstar singer boyfriend and he released a song named after us on his album we would expect nothing less than it to be the best song in the whole wide world — and this, Ariana, is certainly not that. Soz.

Now watch Pete Davidson watch Ariana Grande film the "God is a Woman" music video: