Imagine falling in love with someone and learning these dark secrets...

By: Julia Pugachevsky

Imagine finding the perfect partner... and then they pour half a bottle of milk into their cup of tea (vom). Or they don't like cheese (pardon!?). Or worst of all, they don't like Harry Potter? We're expelliarmus-ing their ignorant butts outta here.

Take a look at 18 petty, yet entirely reasonable dating deal breakers below:

1. There are just some things you can't look past in a partner.

2. Especially if you plan on traveling the world with them.

3. You're really going to date someone who doesn't keep up with memes?

4. Or who doesn't get obscure internet references? Please.

5. Worse: what if they're ABSOLUTE internet trolls?

6. And you're truly embarrassed to be in a post on their Instagram?

7. Or what if they think they're practically a celeb?

8. Or just be generally annoying as hell.

9. And oh, are there so many ways to be irritating.

10. And so many ways to be PLAIN WRONG.

11. Some things cannot be forgiven.

12. There are just some things that really break your trust.

13. Can you even sleep next to this person?

14. Can you really build a life with this person?

15. Some things are just really important.

16. If you're going to have kids, both parents have to have taste.

18. Or at least not be total Voldemorts.

18. Because at the end of the day, you can always just get a cat.

Via: Cosmopolitan US