Five ways to fix a fight quick

Sick to death of arguing with your partner? Here's how to stop...

Hit pause - Allow a second to assess the situation. Take a deep breath (not joking, it works), gather your thoughts and consider why you're actually fighting. It's even okay to walk away for a moment to clear your head - just let the person know you're coming back. Before you know it, you've forgotten what was wrong in the first place. Voila!

Agree to disagree - It might be totally against your "I am woman hear me roar" attitude but sometimes the best way to calm an argument is simply to accept you won't change the other person's mind. No matter what you say, occasionally your BF is not going to agree with you. Well, not right now anyway.

Be kind - And rewind. You love this person, so when you feel things getting heated it's a prime time to express that - even when you're steaming out the ears. Calmly let them know that it's "because you love them" that you want to resolve your relationship issues. Taking the kind road will no doubt soften the conflict.

Listen (seriously) - Instead of just waiting for your turn to talk, listening and responding directly to your partner will make for much clearer communication and may help to calm the clash. When your beau can see you acknowledge his opinion, he'll be more willing to listen to yours, turning the ''dispute'' into a ''discussion''.

Forgive - When your partner is blatantly in the wrong but you continue to argue, the best way to cease battle is with forgiveness. While you might think this is "letting him off", forgiveness will actually benefit you too. Harbouring anger can make for a very bitter woman, so build a bridge and get over it. You'll thank yourself later. Similarly, if you are wrong, you need to admit this and hope he can exercise the same forgiveness for you.