10 signs you and your partner need a social media detox

No. 9 is just out of control.

By: Frank Kobola

1. Your "quality time" consists of putting on a show you both like to half-listen to while you scroll through your news feeds. If most of your time is spent on the couch staring into your phone screens until your eyes hurt, you might want to swear off electronics for a week. And one of you looking up for a moment just to say, "Hey did you see—?" just to have your partner responds, "Oh, yep. I just commented on it." doesn't count as talking. Neither does texting each other in the same room. Don't do that.

2. You've been finding yourself getting more and more jealous about other people's relationships. There has been plenty written about how toxic social media can be, and how people only put their best moments online. If you're finding yourself getting upset because it seems like everyone else is out having fun, taking holidays, and spending money, get off the internet. You (probably) have no reason to feel bad about your relationship, and you're not missing much if you miss a few weeks worth of your mum's Facebook updates. I promise.

3. You message each other so much during the day you have nothing to talk about face-to-face. Your partner basically Snapchats their life in real-time. They Instagram office parties and leave status updates about their work enemies. By the time they come home, you've got a play-by-play of everything they did all day. Meanwhile, you were texting them constantly. It's probably best to limit social media to the essentials from 9-5 so you can actually interact in person.

4. You're more up-to-date with what everyone else has been doing than you are with what's going on in your partner's life. This is weird.

5. You tend to talk more in memes and emojis than you do with your heart. Or, whatever.

6. You zone out and stare at your phone longingly, wondering what that new notification is while your partner talks to you. If you can't focus on anything other than what that new alert could mean (a new message? A favourite from a celebrity? Huge news from a friend you haven't talked to in a while? A really good series of messages in a group chat that you won't get to be a part of because the moment will have passed?), you've got serious social media addictions.

7. You plan things just because they're 'grammable. Your dates and outings are designed less around what you enjoy doing and more about the "fact" that you just have to post some beach pics before everyone else does.

8. You're the first to like each other's updates. Don't worry. Everyone gets it. They know you're going out.

9. You take 10+ selfies together a day. That's too many. I can guarantee that a lot of your friends and even some of your family have unfollowed you because you are absolutely mad.

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Source: Cosmo US