Spring clean your relationship

Do you and your loved one need a fresh start? Follow our top 10 tips to giving your relationship a seasonal spruce... 1. Cleanse your aura
Give your joint living space the once-over. When it's sparkling clean, burn some Jasmine oil to make the environment even more love-friendly. 2. Spruce the sex life
Do you find yourself having an (unsatisfying) fidgety fumble come bedtime? Try having spontaneous sex, like when you walk in from work or wake up late on a Sunday morning. 3. Clean routine Break habits to avoid monotony within your relationship... a gap in your regular routine could give your union the shake-up it needs. 4. Tidy time
Take time out for the two of you to just 'be'. There's nothing more relaxing than lounging entwined on the sofa and hearing and feeling each other breathe. 5. Polish-ssues
If you never communicate, small problems will soon become split-worthy issues. Sit down and talk through what you love about your relationship and what you'd like to change. 6. Scrub-a-dub-dub
There's nothing more sensual than soaking in a bubble bath for two or lathering each other up in a steamy shower. 7. Throw out workouts
He plays footie with the boys... you go spinnning with the girls. Why not take a brisk walk along the beach together instead? Hand-in-hand, of course. 8. Memory mop
Are you holding on to that past relationship? Get rid of reminders of the ex so you can move on with your current partner. 9. Scrap them
Do you find yourself clinging to each other? It's great to spend time apart, so book in a weekly dinner with your mum or take up a new hobby. 10. Romantic rinse
A picnic in the park or candelight dinner might sound like a cliche, but it's sure to inject a little romance into your relationship.