This epic Twitter thread about a cheating boyfriend will have you on the edge of your seat

Same, girl.

By: Leanna Commins

With more and more women exposing their scamming exes and dates on Twitter threads, you have to wonder why someone would bother scamming when he'd inevitably be exposed. A prime example? Twitter user @AyanaTheDiva, who recently blessed the Internet with the epic story of how she caught her cheating ex-boyfriend red-handed.

It began when Ayana became fast friends with a woman at her job:

One day, the woman unwittingly shows off a picture of Ayana's boyfriend, claiming him as her boo:

Ayana decides to hold her cards close to her chest and invite her co-worker over to her home where her boyfriend (and her co-worker's "boo") lives to expose him, but is thrown off by how close the co-worker lives:

Ayana realises her boyfriend is already home when she sees his car in the garage, so she goes with the flow, walking into the house, pouring her co-worker a glass of wine, and patiently waiting until her two-timing man gets out of the bathroom:

Understandably, Ayana's co-worker is hurt that Ayana didn't let her in on the setup:

Ayana wastes no time giving her boyfriend the boot as well:

And he, being the douche that he is, tries her patience with a "calm down" text the next day, which Ayana promptly shuts down:

Ayana, for her part, apologised to her co-worker, and they're cool now, which is a wonderful story ending that once again proves girls rule and boys drool:

Via: Cosmopolitan US