'Lew-ee' vs. 'Le-wis': How do you pronounce Prince Louis?

This is officially the right way to address the newest royal.

After days (and DAYS!) of waiting, the name of the royal baby has been announced: Prince Louis Arthur Charles!

The unexpected title Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, have chosen for their second son was shared via Kensington Palace on Friday (April 27) in a tweet that said:


But just moments after announcing the fifth-in-line to the British thrones' new name, everyone wondered: How do you actually pronounce 'Louis'?

Do is parents want us to be modern and go for the Americanized 'Le-wis' or, are we keeping it classy with the French 'Lew-ee' for their baby?

Turns out the latter is the way forward with the 's' kept silent at the end for the royal bub, who was born on April 23 at London's St Mary's Hospital.

And, contrary to popular opinion, the name—which means "famous warrior"—isn't really a nod to the now-defunct French royal family because the name 'Louis' actually has a strong linage in the British monarchy too.

Among other familial bearers of the name, both Prince William and Prince George have 'Louis' for a middle name, and it was the name of Prince Philip's grandfather, Louis of Battenburg.

Just in case you need proof of how the royals say it, you can hear the name clear pronounced correctly here at the royal wedding of Kate and William in 2011 during their vows: