Julie Bishop's boyfriend reckons she'll be the new Prime Minister

Let's get a lady back in the top job.

By: Susannah Guthrie

Australian politics is in a right royal state at the moment, but one man thinks he can see the future: Julie Bishop's boyfriend, David Panton.

Let's recap shall we? Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull became our PM in 2015 after beating Tony Abbott in a leadership spill.

But earlier this week, Peter Dutton, the now-former Minister for Home Affairs, Immigration and Border Protection (and a man who strongly resembles a cabbage), came along and started gathering support for a leadership challenge.

Before he could get the numbers, Malc came swooping in and staged a leadership spill, Pete put his hand up for the job, the party voted and Malc beat Pete. Nice save.

But Pete didn't give up so easily. He's currently in the process of getting signatures to make Malc call a second spill, and now the PM gig could be anyone's. Treasurer Scott Morrison and Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop are two front runners.

David Panton, a former pharmacist-turned-property developer who has been dating Julie since 2015, has said he backs her to go all the way to the top.

While attending a Myer event, David told The Herald Sun his lady would be the Liberal Party's first female Prime Minister.

"You're heard it straight from the horse's mouth — by tomorrow at lunch time Julie Bishop will definitely be Prime Minister," he said.


Jules is certainly keen to claim the position, especially if a recent report in The Australian is anything to go by.

According to the newspaper, she told her colleagues she won't be "another man's deputy", after serving as second-in-command to three Liberal Party leaders over the last 10 years.

Tell 'em, Jules.