Julie Bishop is crushin’ on the Canadian PM

For OBVI reasons. He's hot.

By: Bianca Mastroianni

When Foreign Minister Julie Bishop appeared on The Project, she answered some pressing questions that the public has been dying to know.

"On a scale of George Bush to George Clooney," Fifi Box started, "just how dreamy is the new Canadian PM?"

"Well I think Prime Minister Tredeau has very ~attractive~ policies," she answered.


Image: Getty

Our own PM, Malcolm Turnbull (who should perhaps be wary of Carrie Bickmore, after she exclaimed: "I reckon Turnbull’s hotter than him") has also jumped on the ~sexy Canadian PM~ bandwagon, posting pics on Twitter of the world leaders bro-ing out.

Buzzfeed's political editor, Mark Di Stefano noted Turnbull's social media fanboy moments and suggested Jules may not be the only one with a crush.

He also posted this gem:


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