Keep calm: everyone on Twitter is recreating that iconic Matilda telekinetic scene

~Hums softly in the background.~

By: Louis Hanson

Prepare to feel all warm and fuzzy, folks.

In what will easily be the most wholesome content to pop up in your feeds today, the Twittersphere has taken on the monstrous task of recreating one of the most well-known scenes in beloved childhood classic, Matilda.

Which scene, you ask? Only the most iconic moment from our childhoods — watching Matilda get up on that table and use her newfound telekinetic powers to move all the cards and goodies around her. No biggie, right?

And Thurston Harris' tune 'Little Bitty Pretty One' is playing loudly in the background, of course — or, for some us, what's better known as the doo, doo doo, doo, doo, doo, doo tune.

A hard task, yes, but many Twitter users have once again deemed themselves very worthy of attempting their own recreations. In fact, the effort that has gone into some of these renditions is truly awe-inspiring.

Without further ado, welcome to the #MatildaChallenge and feast your eyes on some extremely impressive content.

1. High School Musical, Matilda style

2. Studio vibes

3. A stunning production

4. When you have a lot of loyal friends...

Judging by the online response, this latest challenge is understandably warming our lonely, lonely hearts.

This is true — although the cast have certainly grown up, we still live in a world that does not deserve the goodness that is Matilda.

Expect to have this tune in your head all the way home from work. In fact, we're expecting it to be stuck in our heads for the rest of the week.