One Direction fans are convinced a reunion tour is happening after this huge clue

Of course, they lost their sh*t!

By: Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas

Just like band member Niall Horan, most of us still haven't really come to terms with One Direction's breakup. Yeah, we're on board with Harry Styles' post-1D glow up, and yeah, the other boys have had a pretty good go with their solo careers — but there's still a little part of us that's holding out to see the five of them on stage again.

And according to this fan, this may be happening A LOT sooner than we thought.

Thanks to one eagle-eyed directioner, we're pretty darn convinced that a 1D reunion tour is on the cards! Twitter user @stylesoftie posted this screengrab from Tickermaster's website just days ago, which clearly showed a listing for 'One Direction: On The Road Again Tour' at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium.

Naturally, 1D fans totally lost their sh*t at the possibility of a reunion tour:

Now, we hate to do this, but we have a bit of bad news. The listing has since been removed, and according to the Daily Mail, Etihad stadium have also told fans that the show isn't happening. A rep for the band also told the Evening Standard that "there are no gigs planned for One Direction currently."

Okay, so this isn't a great sign… BUT there is still some solid evidence that a reunion tour could be in the works.

EXHIBIT A: The band’s Twitter account is active again!

To celebrate the band's eight year anniversary, the official account has been tweeting 1D song lyrics with the hashtag #8YearsofOneDirection. So if the band really isn't reuniting, why would they reactivate their social channels? Huh?!

EXHIBIT B: The band members are high key reminiscing on social media.

Niall, Liam and Louis have all taken to Twitter to thank fans for their support and getting nostalgic about their days in the band.

EXHIBIT C: Liam kindaa dropped a hint that the band could be getting back together soon

Just last month, the now-solo artist told the Daily Star that he would definitely be down for a reunion in the near future. "It's amazing that we're doing our own thing and then, hopefully one day soon, we get back together and have another great time of it, who knows?" he said.

Case closed.