Same sex marriage is FINALLY legal in Australia!!

The lower house voted on it today, and the results are in.

The Lower House has passed the bill to legalise same-sex marriage!

Today, the House of Representatives debated on marriage equality for over 28 hours, making 100 speeches on the topic and discussing amendments to the bill — focusing on religious rights of freedom and citizenship matters.

But they finally came to the conclusion that, yes, Australia deserves marriage equality by agreeing with the public vote (through the postal survey).

Malcolm Turnbull has declared in his closing speech that, "This is Australia. Australia has done it!" He then followed up, semi-smugly, with "The 45th parliament has done it's job. Let's finalise this bill right now."

However, before the final reading of the bill, there was a disagreement with a number of members of parliament dividing on the topic. BUT because it was such a huge majority in support, the bill was passed regardless.

In conclusion, LOVE WINS Y'ALL.