Er, did Julie Bishop just call Tanya Plibersek a “bitch”?!

Sorry, we totally know we shouldn’t, but lololololol…

Those potty-mouthed politicians, hey. What are they like?!

Buzzfeed brought something naughty to our attention (cheers, Buzzfeed!): Julie Bishop appearing to do a little swear.

Yep, our very own foreign minister Julie Bishop has been accused of calling her opposite number, Tanya Plibersek, a “bitch” during this week’s Question Time.

Tony Abbott was answering Plibersek’s questions about humanitarian aid to Syria at the time and apparently she was yelling and shouting during his response.

It certainly looks like "bitch" to us!

Yo, Julie, if you’re reading this, we’re only cool with using bitch when we’re referring to boss bitches, badass bitches, top bitches and so on. Just FYI.

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