Pete Davidson just made the dirtiest joke about his sex life with Ariana Grande and ewww

Pls stop.

By: Katie Stow

There's no denying that Pete Davidson (fiancé of angel voice, Ariana Grande) has what young folks would call 'Big Dick Energy'. He's ballsy in interviews and pushes the boundaries in his comedic career, and he goddamn proposed to Ariana just weeks into their relationship — so it's very clear that Pete backs himself in all aspects of his life.

But Pete has now converted his 'Big Dick Energy' into literal chat about his dick, and we feel weird.

The SNL actor recently performed at a university in the States, and a fan in the audience asked him what it's like being with Ariana Grande. Pete first responded with something pretty damn cute, saying:

Quite cute, right? Well it would have been if he hadn't ruined everything with this follow up line:

"And my dick's forever hard."


Despite our revolution to this, it didn't seem to bother Ariana at all, as she posted an Instagram Story following her appearance saying, "Bae was funny as fuck and brilliant today as always".

Well, if she's happy, we guess we're happy too? Maybe…

Now watch Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera showcase their crazy talented lungs with their 'Dangerous Woman' duet: