4 ways to increase your sex appeal and get the guy

Four easy-to-introduce steps to help you up your game.

We're not talking about going under the knife or enrolling at stripper school - rather, research has shown that there are several simple things that help boost your sex appeal... 100 per cent naturally.

Wear red

There's a reason why the expression is "paint the town red" - researchers at the University of Rochester have discovered that men are more sexually attracted to women wearing red than any other colour.

Oh, and that's not all - women wearing their LRDs (that's Little Red Dresses) are also more likely to be taken on nicer and more interesting dates. So get red, red, ready!

Make eye contact

It seems so basic - and not to mention just plain polite! - but now there's research which proves men are attracted to women with strong (not scary) eye contact.

During a UK study, men were asked to rate the attractiveness of women who were making varying forms of eye contact - with the results showing participants preferred the girls smiling and looking straight into their eyes.

So next time you spy the hottie across the bar, don't play hard to get. Instead, throw him a casual smile and give him a look... and you'll have a drink in your hand and a number in your phone in no time.

Set a date

When you're looking for a date, make sure you know the date. Confused? Apparently you're more likely to attract a man around the time you ovulate each month.

Research at the University of Vienna found that on the 14th day of a 28-day cycle, women secrete chemical substances called copulins. Before we get too icky, it's these copulins which correspond with male testosterone levels, making you irrestible to the average male. Who knew?

Use your sexy voice

And no, we're not talking about your husky hangover voice unfortunately. The State University of New York has found that men prefer women with higher-pitched voices.

And to get even more specific, men are even more attracted to women with breathy voices... probably because it's what you sound like post-coital (and we all know what men think about!).