2 guaranteed ways to bring passion back to your sex life

There are two keys to keeping the flame of love burning.

By: Cosmo Team

I don't know about you, but I think there are two keys to keeping the flame of love burning...

No. 1: SEX!

Not the, "Well it's Thursday, so I guess it's time to do my best two minute starfish impression" kind of sex, I'm talking about the hot, surprising, exciting, a little bit naughty kind of sex. It doesn't have to be every day, but seriously you can't put a price on a bit of spice from time to time. Ladies, this means ditch your granny panties and don that lacy number that should be on your spank-able bottom, not hiding shyly in your bottom drawer.

And don't limit your outfits to the bedroom — recently I put on a risqué little two-piece that my guy fancies and wore it while I cooked him dinner. I would recommend popping on some knickers next time though, hot cooking oil and freshly shaved girly bits are not the greatest combo.

Gents, you too can put the sizzle into your household — next time you are putting on your tie, call your gal into the bedroom and use it to restrain her — trust me, it's a winner every time!


I mean accepting that men and women are fundamentally different and there is absolutely no point in trying to change each other. Case in point, my beloved dragged himself out of bed at 6am last weekend to drop me at the airport for a business trip.

Upon landing I emailed him to thank him and said that I had looked at him on the drive with complete adoration and was thinking how lucky I am and how deeply I love him; he replied that it was a lovely sentiment but to be honest he was thinking that it was f**king early and he needed a coffee... bless him, the epitome of romance he is not, but he does know a fair few things about silk ties and multiple orgasms, so I can live without the 6am declarations of love.

So here's your challenge readers: This week when your guy or gal does one of those things that you "tolerate and accept," take the time to do something daring and delightful. A breathless climax is much healthier than a laboured sigh.

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