How to have holiday sex

Vacay flings are the stuff dreams are made of, but what’s the best way to handle your passion in paradise?

By: Jessica Leahy

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Aussies are taking more holidays than ever with over 30 million international border crossings last year alone. Crazy, huh? And let’s be honest ladies; if you’re single and planning a holiday, it’s not just the weather you’re hoping will be sizzling hot! Chances are, you could bump into a sexy foreigner and if you’re lucky you could be having passionate holiday sex faster than you can say “order me a mojito”. So what’s the best way to tick holiday romance off your itinerary? We’ve got the lowdown…

Just relllaaaax

Before you head out in an exotic city expecting to spot a cute guy immediately: slow. Down. Now. Sexologist and relationship expert Nikki Goldstein says the reason it’s so easy to find yourself in a holiday romance is because of the relaxed and anonymous atmosphere you find yourself in. So don’t make your number one priority be finding a dude. “You do feel invisible and you do feel like there are fewer consequences which can be really fun. Many women on holiday pick up men they don’t normally go for.”

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Be real about it

While exploring the unfamiliar – when it comes to guys and countries – might be the stuff of fantasies, it’s important to stay real about the relationship. “You have to know he might not be in it forever and be realistic about if this person could fit into the stresses of your daily life” says Nikki. If he’s from another country, doesn’t speak English and doesn’t want to leave his hometown – it’s probably a no deal situation!

Stay safe

We know, we know, we sound like your mum – but STIs are on the rise amongst young Australians and the last thing you want to do is pick up something nasty abroad. According to the World Health Organisation travellers are at an increased risk of STI infection as some parts of the world do not condone the use of condoms and other contraceptions - eek! “Talking about safety and sexual history isn’t a top priority when you’re having a fling, but you need to talk about boundaries and trigger points. Take responsibility and be more cautious,” advises Nikki.

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And “being safe” isn’t just about how you have sex, but also where. “Gut instinct is really important - you have to think, ‘am I safe with this person or are they going to rob me and take my liver’?” warns Nikki. Yep, you don’t want to relive a scene from Taken, do you?

Learn from it

While you might not find a life-long partner in a holiday lover, Nikki says that the experience can give you an insight into your real life romances. “If you’re way more confident on a holiday maybe you need to ask what it is about being in a different country that makes you feel like you can go out and pursue men? Understanding that could help you better understand how you are in your normal dating setting.” Noted!

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