Are open relationships the way forward?

Don’t get me wrong… I like being in a monogamous relationship.

Don't get me wrong… I like being in a monogamous relationship. I like the fact my man can look but not touch, or can 'window shop' without buying.

When we had the infamous 'are we in a relationship' chat all those years ago, I felt that warm buzz of satisfaction and calm that he was now (and hopefully for a substantial time going forward) just mine.

But, today I can across an article that had me quivering in my Louboutins. It suggested that monogamy nowadays is so difficult that we may be better off having open relationships/marriage.

Basically, it's suggesting that no man can 'keep it in their pants' and that, rather than sail through life 'pretending' he's being faithful to you, us women would be better admitting that it's 'bound to happen' and embark on an open relationship.

He has his cake and eats it, and you do to. If you want to that is…

Which got me thinking, if I really could be in a long loving relationship AND flirt, kiss and sleep with other men at the same time, would I do it?

The only reason I'd want to sleep with someone else is if I was unhappy in my current relationship, or if the sex was so bad it bought me out in cold sweats (rather than lust-induced hot ones!)

Can couples really sit across from each other and say, "Ok, so we can't be faithful but we love each other. So, why don't we just stay together but sleep with other people?"

To test the theory out I posed the question to the Man Of The Moment.

He (thankfully) looked at me, shell-shocked, and then summed up exactly what I'd been thinking all along. "We all get urges but it you're in love you should withstand those urges... or, like most men, take care of it through masturbation." God bless him.

I'm still left wondering though: what do you think?