5 Upgrades To The Most Popular Sex Positions

We give you the down-low on the hottest sex positions to try...

When it comes to sex, most of us have our go-to positions, and while they can be great to have in your back pocket, doing on these on rotation can lead to a pretty dull sex life. So we've taken the most popular sex positions and given you some tips on how to spice them up!


Why we love it: It's simple, it's tried and trusted — and it works. No doctor's uniforms, no squirty cream, no toe in your ear while attempting the "wheelbarrow". Missionary allows real intimacy — kissing, whispering and holding — making it the go-to position when you just want sex to be about you and him.

Maximise it: When he's inside you, get him to loop an elbow under one of your knees and press it back gently towards your chest. This deepens penetration but maintains loads of skin and eye contact and lets his body slide tantalisingly along the length of your clitoris. Alternatively, bend your knee, placing your foot flat on the bed or your feet on his bum, pulling him into you.

UP THE ANTE: As well as your face, ask him to kiss your ankle and the back of your knee.

From behind

Why we love it: If you love bad-girl sex, this and doggy style are two of the most fun positions (they always feel naughty). He can easily touch your clitoris and breasts. If you want sex fast and furious, nothing else quite hits the spot.

Maximise it: He sits on his knees, you face the wall. Now, reach between your legs and work your hands up his penis a few times before you slide back onto him, resting your bum on his thighs. This builds pressure on your G-spot. Brace your hands against the wall, his hands resting on your hips. Now push back onto him using the pattern of six shallow, one deep. The shallow thrusts will satisfy you - and he gets mind blowing, sporadic shots of deep penetration.

UP THE ANTE: Lower onto his full length — very slowly — and gently grind.


Why we love it: You get to call all the shots from up there: angle, depth, speed… Plus, the Cowgirl rates super-high on the clitoral-stimulation scale — and your man can see you in all your glory. If anything's going to bag you an orgasm, it's this move.

Maximise it: This version offers you ultimate control and stops him from coming too quickly, which is always a possibility in this visually hot position. Sit astride his hips. He raises his knees and you lean back against them so you're at about 45 degrees, weight on your shins. He places his thumbs in your thigh-crease (pressure on the thin skin here will super-sensitise your pelvic area) or puts a small vibrator on your clitoris. Now, rest your hands back on his knee tops (which makes your upper body look amazing, by the way) and lift up on to your knees. With a quarter of his penis inside you, flex your PC muscles firmly three times, then hold them tight and slide down onto him. Repeat.

UP THE ANTE: Maintain eye contact throughout.

Side by side

Why we love it: It's the ultimate morning sex position (he can't see that your mascara has run and there's no need to worry about morning breath). On a sexier note, the body contact and lack of effort required for really snugly nookie is a winner — especially before work on a Monday morning.

Maximise it: You get all the intimacy but with more sensation and thrust than usual. Lie on your side, top knee drawn up at a right angle. He straddles your lower leg and lays over you, supported on his hands but with the option of getting that front hand involved. Lift your top arm up overhead so he can kiss or stroke the side of your body — not only does this make you feel highly sensual, but the area is covered with very fine hairs that, if lightly touched, provide an amazingly gorgeous sensation that enhances the gentleness and pleasure of this position.

UP THE ANTE: Reach underneath and gently caress his testicles.

Reverse Cowgirl

Why we love it: It's like the woman-in-charge version of doggy — without that sense of 'being taken'. Instead, you get to unleash your inner exhibitionist.

Maximise it: He sits with his legs out in front, knees bent up and slightly apart — leaning against the wall to free up his hands. Now, rather than kneel onto his penis, squat astride him, feet flat on the bed/floor using your hands on his knees for support. Vary between rocking your hips back and forth gently for a G-spot massage, and leaning forwards between his legs and grinding to fire up your clitoris. Meanwhile, he reaches round and massages your breasts.

UP THE ANTE: Keep your undies on — just pull them to one side. The fabric adds cheeky friction for you both.