Feeling self conscious during sex? Try these confidence-boosting tricks

How to leave your insecurities at the door.

By: Cosmo Team

Men may be able to spot a cold beer or the nearest Sportsgirl exit at 50 metres, but the wobbly bits you hate? No. However, this doesn't stop body paranoia ruining sexual pleasure for seven out of 10 Cosmo readers.

"It's a growing female problem," says clinical psychologist Dr Abigael San.

"The main reason for the pressure is the media message that appearance is everything."

So why don't men have this getting-naked phobia?

"They don't associate appearance with self-worth," explains Dr. San.

Here, the no-nonsense Cosmo guide to escaping the "lights-off" mindset for good.

Get sensual

"Focus on where you are to combat negative thoughts," says Dr San. "Create a relaxed space with a lot of variety for your senses."

There are tricks to boost your confidence:

Get flawless skin by using peach light bulbs and (if possible) stand with the light behind you - it shaves centimetres off your silhouette.

Wear perfume with a spicy, floral scent such as Allure by Chanel (experts found men who smelt this type of scent thought women were five kilos lighter than they actually were), and wear lingerie that not only highlights assets but also has a fabric that arouses your skin, helping to get you out of your head and into your body.

Engage your sexy brain

Dr San says it's very important to link any critical thoughts to positive ones.

"So, if you think 'I have a flat chest,' have a positive truth ready to add: 'But I have fab legs.'" Also, observe him when he's aroused.

"It'll be hard for your brain to believe you're anything other than irrestible," she says.

What are your tips for looking good in the bedroom?

"Lingerie and a good lipstick - either red or a musky pink. Perfume is also really important - you always want to be smelling great!" Monica, 21.

"It's very important to make sure everything went smooth, and that you're not wearing too much makeup. Boys like leopard-print and black. Most importantly, be comfortable in our body." Aleksandra, 23.

"A bit of red nail polish and sexy pyjamas always works wonders." Johanna, 23.