Sex workers open up about their most expensive service (and it’s not what you think it is)

Ever heard of ‘The Girlfriend Experience?’

By: Erin Cook

Quartz, a new documentary about sex workers in Nevada, sheds light on what life is really like as a sex worker.

For instance, you would assume that the act of having sex would carry a higher price tag than conversational intimacy… right?

According to Quartz, that's not always the case.

Christina Parreira, a former sex worker turned academic explains that at some establishments, such as the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada, men can pay for 'The Girlfriend Experience.' It's a premium service and many sex workers consider it to be more intimate than actually having sex.

Alice Little – who currently works at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch – said, "We might go to his favourite restaurant or my favourite restaurant. I have been out with clients shopping. I've been to Vegas before. It really is just a treat for both people because it feels like a romantic getaway with someone who's totally focussed on you and nothing else."

While 'The Girlfriend Experience' may not include physical intimacy, many clients and sex workers consider it to be the most significant service on offer, hence the hefty price tag.