6 super blunt reasons why you should be having period sex

Drop the Panadol and pick up a penis.

Everyone has a different period, and everyone deals with their monthly present from Mother Nature a little differently. Some embrace the arrival with sheer excitement because they've gone another month without accidentally getting pregnant, and some dread it with all their might because it makes them feel gross and has them clutching a hot water bottle and popping panadol left, right and centre to make their cramps chill the fuck out.

These different ways of dealing with your menstruation have translated into who will and who definitely won't ever have sex on their period. And that's fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and can be into it, or repulsed by it as they please. However, there's definitely a bit of an annoying taboo surrounding period sex, which encourages fence-sitters on the topic to shy away from the activity — leaving them often on 'Blowjob duty' during their vag down-time.

Well, at Cosmo we're all for getting your rocks off and having a whale of a time in the bedroom (or whatever room) whenever you can — so we think we need to debunk the myths surrounding sex on your period and promote some pretty good reasons why you should be giving period sex a go.

Firstly, you’re at your horniest on your period

Ever cottoned on about the cruel fate of Mother Nature, where you're riding the red wave and think that sex is a no-go, but all you can think about is SEX, SEX, SEX?!

Well perhaps you should listen to your body, hear its screams for a bang and go with it. Seems like the most natural and logical way to curb your craving for sex.

Orgasms actually help with cramps

Believe it or not, orgasms can actually ease the brutal pain of menstrual cramps, as they force your pelvic muscles to chill the fuck out and relax. You know that floppy post-O feeling you get when you're super satisfied and have an extremely happy vag? That's the same feeling you get when you do it on your period. Bye-bye panadol, hello orgasm cure.

There’s actually not that much blood involved

Think about it: you bleed around 30-40ml of blood during your whole period — that's a little less than a standard shot of vodka. TINY.

So unless you are planning on banging non-stop throughout your whole period, then it's likely that you're only going to see a few droplets during sex. So don't freak out and think that it's going to look like a crime scene across your sheets. Instead, just put a towel down and go with the flow.

We really need to get our facts straight about period blood

We get it, by calling it blood, we are automatically assuming it's that need-it-to-survive, horror movie gore blood that's synonymous with severe pain and potential death —
meaning that when we see our partner bleed, we can only assume that it is a bad thing, and panic about calling an ambulance.

However, period blood isn't exactly the same as real blood. It's actually just the lining of your womb shedding itself — which happens to be red, too — so educate your partner that it's not a painful situation and hopefully their fears will disappear. BUT, if your partner starts bleeding profusely from their penis, please react quickly and get them to a hospital, because they've probably snapped their banjo.

We’ve been letting men make messes all over us for quite some time

Sorry for being crude, but it's true! Think about all the times that guys come on girls faces, tits and tummies, and compare it to any of the times you've done something similar. The maths doesn't seem fair, right? If we applied the same thoughts and feelings about cum as we do to period blood, things would be a lot more equal in the bedroom. If you're not getting grossed out by him dropping off his swimmers everywhere, then he can't get grossed out at your period. DEAL.

P.S. Apologies if all the GIFs in this have put you off, that was not our intention, but pop culture references of periods aren't the most forgiving pool to be picking from.

If you’re really, ~really~ worried about the mess, there’s a tool for you

When push comes to shove, you're just really not down with the amount of blood that may creep out during period sex, and that's okay — we're all entitled to our own opinion. But if you still don't want to miss out on some jiggy–jiggy during your bleed week then there is a sneaky little device available for you, and it looks like this:

Softcup is like a menstrual cup (or moon or diva cup) but it is made out of a much more relaxed material, meaning it isn't like shoving a rigid silicone knob-end up there. Softcups work as a replacement for a tampon, as you can pop it up there and keep it in for up to 12 hours before yanking it out and chucking it in the bin. BUT, unlike a tampon, this nifty little friend doesn't get in the way of sex — instead it acts as a small bucket-of-sorts way up in your vaginal canal, catching the blood, but leaving the majority of your vag (think dick-size-ish) empty and open for business! The cup should block any leakage and allow you to have sex like you're not on your period, whilst being on your period. Genius!