The 7 hidden Instagram wonders of the world

Wanderlust ahead.

By: Erin Cook

We'd never go on a holiday just for the photo op. But if we just-so-happen to be on the road and just-so-happen to spy an Insta-worthy landscape, we're definitely going to take a snap. So shoot us!

When it comes to wanderlust posts on Instagram, there are a few locations that pop up time and time again. (See: sail Croatia, the Eiffel Tower, Central Park, Disneyland.) And for good reason too — you'd be hard-pressed taking a bad photograph at Disneyland.

However, there are plenty of other lesser-known locations the world over that deserve a shot at the spotlight. Here, we round up the 7 hidden Instagram wonders of the world:

Hot air balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey

Every morning in Cappadocia, Turkey, hundreds of colourful hot air balloons take to the skies. If you wake up early and point your camera up, you'll be greeted with a photo opportunity like no other.

Metro stations in Stockholm, Sweden

Stadion Station in Stockholm is arguably the most Instagrammable train station in the world. The rainbow that adorns the walls is a hangover from the country's 1912 Olympic Games.

Vinicunca rainbow mountains, Peru

Have you ever seen anything more majestic than these naturally occurring unicorn mountains? In the local language, 'Vinicunca' means 'seven coloured mountain'. Getting there can be a bit of a trek but if you're travelling by yourself, Contiki do a Peru trip that makes things easy.

Salt flats, Bolivia

These vast expanses of white make for an amazing Insta-snap. At times the salt flat is covered in very clear water, making it the largest natural mirror in the world.

The horseshoe bend at the Grand Canyon, USA

Feeling a little down on your luck lately? A visit to the Arizona's horseshoe bend might be just the shift you need. This hidden treasure is nestled within the Arizona's Grand Canyon area.

Geothermal Mud Pools in Rotorua, New Zealand

Created by thousands of years of volcanic activity, the mud pools at Rotorua have an interstellar vibe, akin to something out of Star Wars. The mud here is loaded with antioxidants and has a long history of therapeutic use.

Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge in Kromlau, Germany

This rounded bridge is straight out of a fairytale. Way back in 1860, the bridge was built as an optical illusion — with its reflection in the water creating a full circle. At the time, locals thought black magic was to blame, hence the name 'Devil's Bridge'.