16 European countries where Airbnbs are cheaper than hotels

Very useful if you're planning a city break in Europe this year.

By: Cosmopolitan UK

When you have your country picked and flights booked, you're now left with the choice of which type of accommodation to choose. Do you pick a luxurious hotel or secluded holiday rental?

To help you with your decision, new research by money-saving website, Vouchercloud, has revealed the difference in average cost between Airbnbs and hotels in certain European destinations.


The data, based on a one-night stay for two in the country's capital city, found that choosing Airbnb in some European countries was much better value for money than choosing a three-star hotel.

See the list below for the best countries to pick Airbnbs over hotels, if you're looking to save some money...

1. Malta

2. Portugal

3. Switzerland

4. Slovenia

5. France

6. Luxembourg

7. Spain

8. Denmark

9. Lichenstein

10. Ireland

11. Vatican City

12. Germany

13. Poland

14. Austria

15. Greece

16. Italy

Here is the full infographic from Vouchercloud comparing the average prices of hotels and Airbnb in the specific countries:

To see the infographic in more detail, see here. The research, using data collected from Airbnb and Google's Hotel Partners, also shows that average Airbnb and hotel prices are almost the same in Romania, Sweden and the UK.

If you're holidaying on a budget this year, you can get really cheap Airbnb accommodation in Albania at approx. $47 a night, Macedonia at approx. $48 a night and Turkey at approx. $52 a night. But if hotels are more your thing, then Ukraine and Latvia offer hotels for approx. $52 a night.

Now you can go ahead and book your dream holiday stay, while saving a few pennies in the process.

Via: Cosmopolitan UK