This is what'd happen if everyone left their phone on during a flight

Planning to board a plane any time soon?

By: Jessica Chandra

Have you ever boarded a flight, played around on your phone for as long as you can before the cabin crew tell you to turn it off/put it on flight mode, and then realised the person next to you has TOTALLY IGNORED THEM?

Aside from being super a bit peeved that they got five extra minutes of Instagram scroll time, are they not worried their phone usage could cause some kind of interference that affects the flight? Is tagging their friends in a funny meme worth jeopardising the lives of everyone else on the plane?!

It turns out we can all calm the eff down about this phones-on-planes rules, but it’s still good manners to turn on Aeroplane Mode.

While having your phone on won’t affect the plane’s equipment — because the technology is much more ~sophisticated~ these days — phones can still have an effect on the pilots, especially if you’re trying to access calls or messages, or anything that sends information to your phone.

Lad Bible reports that a pilot wrote on Facebook, “Cell phones need to be in airplane mode for sure. I have gotten interference over my radios during the landing phase many times.”

“It’s when your phone is trying to connect to a tower. It makes the same interference sound that you’d hear if you placed your phone next to your speakers.

“This noise is not only distracting but it could also cause us to miss key instructions from air traffic control. So keep the phones off, please. Why risk everyone’s safety so you can check Facebook five minutes sooner?”

However, an EasyJet pilot named Chris Forster told the Liverpool Echo that phones on planes are “nothing to be concerned about. Aircraft control systems are so sophisticated now that they wouldn't cause any interference.”

But he did say phones should be on flight mode.

And really, isn’t being disconnected from the world one of the best things about boarding a plane? Switch on Aeroplane Mode earlier, we say, and enjoy not being able to be reached by everyone…