24 reasons you should airbnb your honeymoon

I had the time of my life (without a pompous hotel concierge in sight).

1. You get local knowledge and expertise that no guide book can give you with airbnb hosts – like the exact 3-course order you need to make down the road to delight your tastebuds.

2. If you’ve ever wondered how a native lives, you don’t need to anymore because you’re properly immersed in the culture. You now know what they keep in their bathroom cupboard and how they decorate their walls. It satisfies ALL of your pervy home insight needs.

3. On that note, you genuinely feel at home when you’re halfway around the world because it IS someone’s home. There’s none of that sterile hotel room biz. And you can borrow their hairdryer and iPhone charger if they’re lying around. (Which is especially handy if the overseas adaptor you bought DOESN’T FIT).

4. Being in someone else’s house can also make for a bit more spice in the bedroom because you’re in a sexy new environment.

5. The sleep sitch is much dreamier because they've slept there for ages and have the appropes heating/cooling/blanket arrangement.

6. There are NO unwelcome room service disruptions, because, A. there are no staff and B. you’ve got everything you need.

7. Free wifi is almost always included, which means you can binge watch House of Cards if the weather is awful. AKA all night.

8. TRUTH: the app is made for nannas (as well as minimalistic cool peeps) which means it's WAY easy to use.

9. You can see actual percentages for how quickly people on the other side of the world reply AKA their response rate, so you get a heads up on who’s reliable.

10. Messaging within the app is intuitive and quick, just like text messaging.

11. You can access the app offline, so if you don't have internet access you can still check back on correspondance – which is a godsend when you’re stuck somewhere and forget the address of where you’re staying.

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12. There are loads of no BS ratings and reviews.

13. MAJOR value for money – because you get a whole apartment, house, or mansion.

14. Waking up to this...

15. Or this...

16. Or this...

17. You can hang on ALL of the luxe rooftops and your private view is better than even the BEST public tourist spots.

18. You can build a relationship with the host for future stays.

19. And the opportunities for house swapping are potentially ENDLESS.

20. Real people go to a real effort with cute personal touches that just make your heart sing. A bottle of wine here, fully-stocked fridge there.**

21. The check in and check out times are much more flexible.

22. You gain extra street cred for looking like a local because you don’t have to walk into a hotel, but instead "your house".**

23. You can properly entertain new international friends because you have the room and all the stuff you need to play host, like wine glasses and platters.**

24. And just one last thing...

We stayed here:

In Florence
In Rome
In Amsterdam
In Zurich
In Venice

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