Bella Swan's engagement ring sold for HOW MUCH at the Twilight Auction?!

Would the new Mrs Cullen please stand up?

By: Sammy Stewart

Somewhere in the world a very lucky Twihard is living her best life, with a ring on her finger that says, “yes, I am the new Mrs Cullen.”

Over the weekend, an exciting two-day auction was held at the Hollywood Chinese Theater whereby fans (as rich as the Cullens) could bid it out and take home iconic props from the Twilight saga films.

One of the most popular items was of course Bella Swan’s engagement ring from Edward Cullen. Initially it was expected the ring would sell for around $5,000. However this was not the case.

The lucky fan who ended up taking the ring home paid a whopping $16,800 for the Cullen family heirloom.

Meanwhile, Edward Cullen's journal went for $7,800 while Bella's meadow outfit sold for $8,400.

Don't deny it; you wanted to wear this BADLY back in the day.