You can buy Bella from Twilight’s actual engagement ring (if you’re as rich as the Cullens, that is)

But totally worth it if you want to be Edward’s fiancée, right?!

By: Lorna Gray

Attn Twihards: Prop Store and Summit Entertainment are selling off actual merch from the Twilight franchise.

They’re holding a two-day auction for over 900 original props, including Bella’s bloodstained wedding dress she had during that nightmare. Noice.

It would certainly make a ~unique~ wedding dress, albeit it a bit bloody.

Other items including Bella's desk and Edward’s raincoat.

But let’s get to the good shit… Bella Swan’s actual engagement ring from her betrothed, Edward Cullen.

This bad boy here:

The bidding starts at $1,500 USD for the ring, but it’s estimated to go for at least $5,000 USD ($6572 AUD).

So yeah, pretty pricey. But worth it to have the ultimate Edward Cullen fantasy...

The auction will take place here on Nov 19 and 20.