Glam up your top coat

Nail colour is a tricky topic.

Once you find a shade that works with your skin tone, you generally tend to stick with it. While this safe approach is sure to add the perfect touch to any outfit, sometimes a girl needs to try something new.

Conveniently, Australis has come up with a fun, new take on the generic top coat nail lacquer. Crystal Colour Top Coat, $8.95, gives your mani a shiny, glittery finish, using holographic reflective flakes suspended in a clear base, to add specks of different colour. Rather than simply applying a glitter polish over your base coat, Crystal Colour Top Coat has a strengthening effect along with fun flickers of pink, green and violet to add an eye-catching element to your big-day mani.

Our suggestion: use against a darker base to add contrast and highlight the bright sparks of glitter.