These identical twin sisters married identical twin brothers with twin ministers and we’re mindf*cked

What does that make their kids? Siblings? Cousins?

By: Jess Pullar

There are many perfectly reasonable non-negotiables you might require from a life partner — an animal-lover, environmentalist or being super funny are all nice-to-have qualities.

What miiight be pushing the boundaries slightly is "must-have-identical-twin-that-will-marry-my-identical-twin", for obvious reasons.

Despite the overwhelming odds, that's exactly what two Ohio twin couples managed to accomplish, and their joint wedding ceremony was bizarre AF.

Bear with us here: Identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana Deane married identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Slayers presided over by two identical twin ministers, with the entire bridal party wearing identical attires, makeup looks and hairstyles.

Our brains hurt just thinking about it.

Josh and Jeremy made a vow when they were younger to never get married unless they both fell in love with identical sisters, while Brittany and Briana decided in Kindergarten that marrying twins was their future.

The wedding, which took place at the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio over the weekend, was the very place both couples fatefully met a year previously.

Courtesy of Donna Kirkland/Facebook
Courtesy of Donna Kirkland/Facebook

The Slayer brothers had caught the eye of the sisters at the festival in 2017, and after a Facebook exchange, a hometown visit and a joint proposal at the exact same time in the exact same spot, the rest is twinning history.

Courtesy of Briana Deane/Facebook

Now, the couples are looking forward to living and raising their families together under the same roof.

"We imagine it will be like two moms and two dads, all raising our families together," Brittany told People.

Let's try to make sense of this one, while their children would be cousins, technically their kids would be genetic siblings.

We'll just be over here letting that all sink in.