You can now buy proposal phone cases and I, for one, want to die

People realise they’re not just getting married for Instagram likes… right?

By: Kate Wagner

Because any sense of privacy or intimacy is dead, you can now order a phone case that will allow you to propose while filming it…

Look, I get the only reason people get engaged anymore is to upload that ring shot on Instagram and get more likes than they ever have before but it's not meant to be so obvious.

The amount people care is in direct correlation with how loving a proposal feels. If I had any kind of aptitude at graphic design, I'd make a very convincing graph to show sincerity is intrinsically linked to whether or not you should be proposing.

If you wait at least a day to upload the pic, people give a loving 'aww'—so genuine, so sincere! If there's a professional photographer waiting in the wings, it might seem a little more staged. If you propose through your goddamn phone screen, you will be ridiculed and your nanna will disown you.

This awful invention costs about $80 and conceals a ring that springs out, in front of the camera, so you can capture both the bling and the look of complete and utter disgust on your fiancée's face.

It can only store a ring up to 2.5 carats, because someone with real money would never be so crass. Lol jks, rich people are gaudy AF, but still.

If you didn't think this thing was terrible enough, you can invite your family and friends to WATCH THE WHOLE THING LIVE.

Burn it and set it on fire.

Some people (???) think this is actually a good invention. I don't have the stats on whether those people post 20 Instagram stories a day, but I think we can all make a safe assumption.

The rest of the sane population has called it out for what it is—gross exhibitionism.