Women of the Year

Georgia Love talks about her beautiful mum and reveals her 'Bachelorette' fave at Cosmo's WOTY

It’s been a massive year for the TV star.

By: Jessica Chandra

Georgia Love may have only attended her first Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards last year, but the event means so much to her for a few reasons.

Firstly, it marks roughly a year since both the happiest and saddest things happened to her: she was finally able to go public with her boyfriend, Lee Elliott, after the finale of The Bachelorette aired on TV, but she also lost her beautiful mother, Belinda, to pancreatic cancer.

Secondly, she loves everything WOTY stands for — strong and smart women supporting and celebrating each other.

Georgia chatted to Cosmo at today’s awards to share the best piece of advice she got from her mum, and who she thinks will win Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette tonight!

What does this event mean to you?

This event means so much to me. Last year when I was here, it was the first time I’d left my house since my mum had passed away. I was so adamant to come here, because she’s the reason that I am a strong woman, and want to support events like this. Women supporting women is so important, so I think this event is always going to hold a dear place in my heart. And it’s very bittersweet to be here, a year on, and thinking that it’s been a year that’s flown by.

What was the best piece of advice she ever gave you?

She had this rule where she said, ‘White shoes, white bag together — don’t do it. Massive no-no.’ There have been times when stylists have tried to put a white shoe and a white bag, and I’ve been like, ‘Don’t, because my mum will come back and find me and strangle me.’ So I’ll always live by that.

There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about the gender pay gap — what are your thoughts on that?

I think it is so fantastic that Lisa Wilkinson has brought up this talk of the gender pay gap. It is something we’ve known about for a long time, and we’ve been speaking about, but not in such a broad sense. Feminism has come such a long way, but we’re not there yet — there shouldn’t be such a thing as a gender pay gap. Especially when it comes to media, there seems to be a really a blurred line, with people going, ‘Your status and personality comes into play.’

But why should it? And why should it be that it’s always the men who are more valuable? With events like today, and because we’re here, it shows how many strong, courageous, brave and influential women there are. Why the hell shouldn’t we be getting paid as much as the guys?

Now that you’ve been on The Bachelorette, how different is it for you to watch?

It’s been so strange for me to watch The Bachelorette this year! I thought it would be really weird, and I would be watching it and looking too far behind the scenes. But I think because Sophie is so different to me — obviously we all know her, we all love her — it’s not a ‘getting to know Sophie’ show as it was with me. I’ve been able to sit back, kick up my heels and just enjoy the show. And it’s been really funny, because a few times I’ve gone to tweet about things, and fangirl over some of the guys, but then it might be a bit weird if I do that. But I’ve been absolutely loving it, and she’s just brilliant.

What does Lee think of it?

Lee’s enjoying it too. I think it’s been good for him too — he’s enjoyed sitting back and watching it, and going, ‘Would I have been friends with that guy if they were on our season?’ I think he watched the first episode as well and went, ‘Pretty good!’

Do you have a favourite to win?

I think Stu will win, and I think he’s really gorgeous. Obviously we read a lot about him going into the show, before he was actually there. I’ve loved, loved, loved seeing how daggy he is as well — I think they’re such a good match. I really love them. I must say, Jimmy [James] was my favourite — not even particularly for Sophie, I just love him.

Are there any wedding plans for you and Lee?

Well, tomorrow we actually have Lee’s sister’s wedding, and in March we have my sister’s wedding, so we’re good for a while.