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All the times Justin Trudeau ruined other men for us

The Canadian Prime Minister scores high in ‘qualities we look for in future husband’ and are all Canadians this awesome?!

By: Lorna Gray

So Justin Trudeau has pretty much become the benchmark for perfect man. Sure, he’s gorgeous, but he’s SO much more than that… Progressive, pioneering, family man, and feminist to boot? Here are all the times he ruined other men for us.

1. That time he named a gender balanced cabinet “because it’s 2015”.

We'll start with what first attracted our feminist hearts to Justin. Succinct and brilliant, he had our attention.

2. That time he gave his wife a supportive shout-out on world breastfeeding week.

It blows our minds that breastfeeding your baby is something that’s still taboo in 2016. Y'know, despite the fact you’re giving life-essential nutrients to your child, some people just don't like women breastfeeding in public. Justin's fighting the good fight.

3. That time he went to the airport to personally greet Syrian refugees and handed out winter coats.

4. That time he flirted with the Queen. TRUE STORY, BRO.

5. All the times he balanced babies and your ovaries exploded.

Ok, even though you were all like “Woah, put the baby down you crazy Dutch Canadian bastard!", you were also suitably impressed. And if you had a baby, you'd probably let Justin Trudeau balance them with his fingers like it ain't no thang.

Every. Damn. Thing. About. This. Unsure why he’s wearing a kilt but seriously, my ovaries.

6. All the times he said he was a feminist. <3 <3 <3

We like to think of this as a little prequel to Barack Obama’s epic essay on feminism. Which brings us to...

7. That time he struck up a bromance with Barack Obama.

8. That time he showcased his moves.

9. That time he helped someone on a wheelchair on the metro in Montreal

10. That time he said *this* about meeting his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. We almost can’t even deal.

11. That time he photobombed a wedding. Shirtless. [Author note. I am 100% guilty of objectifying Justin Trudeau and I am flawed and so very sorry]

You are literally rendering us speechless, JT. Should you not be in a movie? A really pervy one where we can all look at that bod preferably?

12. That time he was the first sitting prime minister to march in Toronto’s Pride Parade.

ALL politicians should be doing this, IMHO.

13. That time he dressed up as Hans Solo, Sophie as Princess Leia.


14. That time he pulled a 'Christian Grey' and owned a pommel horse.

FYI, here's Jamie Dornan doing it:

15. That time you realised he was a boxer and it did things to you.

16. That time you realised Justin Trudeau’s Instagram account was really a vortex.** And you can’t get out of said vortex when it provides you gems like these:

17. We’ll leave you with this. You’re welcome.

18. Oh actually, bonus: