Women of the Year

Nominate now for Cosmopolitan’s Women of the Year Awards 2018

Nominate the inspirational women you know or admire who have kicked serious goals this year.


2018 marks the 12th year of Cosmopolitan's Women of the Year Awards and we're so excited to see who you nominate.

Think of the ladies who have made Australia a better, more inspirational, more kickass place.

Is it Australian Olympic runner, Eloise Wellings, who founded her charity, Love Mercy? Or is it politicians Penny Wong or Clover Moore, who advocated for same-sex marriage rights? Have you been inspired by beauty influencer Chloe Morello? Has comedian Tanya Hennessy had you in stitches? Is it award-winning artist Amy Shark? Is it you?

It all starts with you, so get nominating below...

The categories:

To nominate someone, simply select the category below, tell us their name and why you want to nominate them, and fill in your details. You can only nominate one person at a time, but you may nominate numerous times. Nominations close 15 July 2018.

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