20 quirky first date ideas that’ll remove all the awks

No. 11 is actually genius.

1. Go shopping. Together. We get that it sounds weird af, but it’s the one of the fastest ways to find out if you’re a good match. Just ask Iggy Azalea, who went on a first date at TARGET of all places (we kid you not): “You can learn so much about someone at Target. I was like, 'What kind of quilts are you into, what's your favorite movie, what kind of snacks do you like.” So there you have it. Shopping dates FTW. Hey, if Riggins is down....

2. Decorate a Christmas tree. Flirty festive fun. Enough said.

3. OAP date. Remember Sam and Richie’s pensioner date? ADORBS. Skip the prosthetics (unless you’re into that) and go lawn bowling followed by afternoon tea. Much cuteness. Many LOLZ.

4. Hot air ballooning. Because why the hell not?

5. BYO picnic. Sitting in a packed bar stressing that you’ll bump into your mates – or worse, an ex – is a TOTAL vibe killer. So make the most of the ~glorious~ sunshine and have a picnic instead. Make things interesting with the Supermarket Challenge. One of you on cheese duty. The other on booze. Bring it.

6. Trivia night. Forget awkward silences, you’ll be too busy killing it with your kick-ass general knowledge. Prays for Gossip Girl questions.

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7. Dessert bar date. Split a sundae <3.

8. Hire a fancy af car. Dress up Gatsby style, rent an open-top and take to the road. Srsly the most fun you will ever have. #RoadTripRomance.

9. Get up at 4am to watch the sunrise. No one else will be around and it’ll feel like the two of you are in this super romantic twilight zone.

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10. Go to a gallery. Be culture vultures for the day and check out a new exhibition or a museum you haven’t been to in forever. You’ll learn heaps about each other’s tastes and there’s bound to be some arty nudes that'll make you LOL.

11. Take a dog for a walk. It doesn’t have to be yours. Borrow a friend’s and prepare to ~melt~ witnessing your date play with a puppy. Ovary explosion.

12. Be tourists. Jump on a tourist bus and do every lame touristy thing you can think of. Guaranteed LOLZ.

13. Hit the playground. FACT: you’re way more attractive when you’re smiling and laughing like a loon. And slides bring out everyone’s silly side.

14. Have breakfast at dawn. Set a late night date and walk and talk all night until it’s time for pancakes. The dream.

15. Volunteer together. Cos is there anything more attractive than a guy who wants to help save the world? No. No, there is not.

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16. Go wine tasting. There's a reason wine tasting is The Bachelor date of choice. Dutch courage + country views = #FirstDateGoals.

17. Karaoke. A hilariously pitch perfect first date.

18. Go to an open house. Pretend you’re a married couple interested in buying the property. Weirdly fun.

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19. The cheap af date. Don’t let pay day/split bill ~drama~ get in the way of date night. Actively try and have the cheapest night possible. Macca’s followed by sitting on the swings talking about lyf. The date of your 15-year-old dreams.

20. Get active. Go rock climbing or take a hike together. Cue: sweaty, sexy hotness and an epic endorphin-led makeout sesh.

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