‘The Bachelor Australia’ winner Alex Nation shares her hectic plastic surgery before and after pics

Getting candid.

By Katie Stow

You will definitely remember Alex Nation as the girl who won Richie Strahan's heart on The Bachelor Australia 2016, and whose winning resulted in a huge portion of the nation throwing things at the TV while screaming, 'YOU SHOULD HAVE PICKED NIKKI'!

While we're well and truly over that whole saga, and are deeply happy that Nikki has now found her dream man, we never really stopped keeping tabs on Alex and Richie's relationship post-Bachie. Things were off to a great start and Richie even met Alex's adorable son, Elijah, but then things took a turn and everything went quiet on the Alex and Richie front.

While we were pretty sure the couple had split, it wasn't really fully confirmed until Alex actually got engaged to someone else! That someone else was Maegan Luxa, a girl from her amateur women's AFL team.

The two were raising Elijah together and seemed super happy, but we're pretty sure they've ended too now as Alex has mimicked her strange avoiding-the-elephant-in-the-room social media activity and has stopped sharing pics of Maegan.

But now Alex is being damn-straight with what's going on with her life — or, more specifically, her face.

Alex took to Instagram this week to blatantly share that, "I've had a little somethin' somethin' done to my face". Her full caption read:

"Yes I've had a little somethin' somethin' done to my face. Yes people will have an opinion. No I'm not bothered. Why? Because I AM FEELIN' MYSELF!! Thanks for making this Mumma feel fresh @draaronaesthetics"

She paired the message with a flawless selfie, showing off her surgery.

But what has she actually had done? Well, a few clicks here and a scroll there led us to her plastic surgeon's Instagram page where he explained all. Dr Aaron revealed that Alex had undergone "Lower face sculpting for a more defined jawline and projected chin, as well as a tear trough treatment for a refreshed look".

For those of you who, like us, went 'What the fuck is a tear trough treatment?!' apparently it's an injection of filler above the lower eye socket bone, allowing you to plump up the hollow under-eye area. Hectic.

You can see Alex Nation's before and after here:

It's not a super drastic change to Alex's already gorgeous face, but it's rather refreshing that she's being so candid about what she's had done. So many times celebrities cover up their cosmetic surgery, leaving girls with unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved naturally — so good on you Alex for fessing up!

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