Alex Nation speaks out on same-sex relationships following reports she's dating a woman

She’s broken her silence, at least.

By Jessica Chandra
Alex Nation Richie Strahan

Alex Nation has kind of addressed reports she’s dating her female AFL teammate, Maegan Luxa.

The former reality star, who became a household name when she won Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor Australia in 2016, used her radio show as a platform to talk about celebrating love in all forms.

“We should celebrate love between people whether it is male, male and female, or women and female,” she said on 88.3 Southern FM on Monday.

“I think if you have a connection with someone you can’t… people can’t help who they connect with… that should be all that matters.”

She didn’t say explicitly whether she was in a relationship with Maegan, or whether she and Richie had officially split.

But she did go on to say that joining her women’s AFL team had exposed her to more people who were in same-sex relationships.

“Before being in a football club I didn’t have any friends that were in relationships with women — I’d never experienced that,” she said.

“Obviously I had seen it down the street and everything like that, but I’d never experienced it first hand with my own friends.”

Richie and Alex have stayed mum on rumours they split months ago, even though there are a few signs pointing to it being true. It’s been reported that a long distance relationship — Richie is based in Perth for work, while Alex lives in Melbourne — put a strain on things, even though they were determined to make it work when Richie picked Alex over Nikki Gogan in the finale of The Bachelor.

Some of Richie’s ~friends~ have even told New Idea that he’s devastated by the split, and only found out Alex was dating Maegan like everyone else — through the media.

It’s also been reported that Richie is trying to get back together with Nikki, but Nikki confirmed on Instagram that she and Richie aren’t dating.

We still don’t know if Richie and Alex will properly address WTF is going on with them. It would just be make sense if they did, considering the whole country watched their love story play out in the first place.